About Tiger Woods Foundation

Tiger Woods Foundation is an initiative by the founder Tiger Woods for making transformations with the masterminds and highly compatible students. It is the way to help students with abilities to exceed in any kind of sphere and attain huge success with their mind and energy.

The foundation believes in assisting kids to succeed in every condition and facing all the challenges. There are scholarships given to them for avoiding any financial hindrances in the life. The after school programs and associations, which provide the appropriate building the positive structuring of sharp minded students. The society is doing this from last 20 years and will progress to make the world a great place. They believe in transforming the power of education and implementing it in the way to make the world more thriving with young mind powers. for further details, click on : http://www.pga.com/news/pga-tour/tiger-woods-foundation-take-over-running-pga-tour-event-riviera

About Tiger Woods Foundation

The focus of this organization is to make students get ahead by laying down any stigmas or restrictions in their mind. They are promoted to exceed in all expectations in the way desired. Tiger Woods learning center was launched in California in February 2006. The education facility is made in 35000 sq feet area and there are specialized classes arranged for students having interest in aerospace technologies, robotics, biotech, graphic designs, video production and forensic science. click here to read about aerospace technologies.

There was the first satellite location launched in the year 2010 in Washington D.C. The organization at present serves more than 150K middle and high school students in Florida and Philadelphia regions. The society aims at bringing out the full capacity of students and implements their virtues in preparing them for the jobs, which don’t exist till date.


Each week, there are special STEM learning sessions for 5th and 6th grade students. These students are given participation in Crime Lab 101 or Marine Science department.

The regular classroom teachers receive the unique STEM professional development program designed to build content knowledge, ongoing support and library options. The one-week training session provides ample information of scientific facts, technological usage and youth development in a positive way. In Washington DC and Philadelphia; STEM programming sessions are included in some high school sessions as a regular school day coursework.

There are some specialized after school activities for low-income group students having 50 areas of exploration. These sessions can help students to identify their interest and choose appropriate career option after school. The career exploration opportunities are endless at the learning center. The list has all the choices for the students to blossom their career with their personalized choices. There is special staff and tools for providing successful ways to learn for the students and undertake their high-school choices as a part of their career. There is financial aid, technical assistance and academic support given to brilliant students who are really willing to learn and explore the world in their own way.

After school programs are open to students and can be applied through the website. Student’s report card and personal statement are primarily considered to give acceptance by the society.

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