Tiger Wood is a leading charity leader

Tiger Wood has given the right franchise name and put in millions of dollars at the appropriate place for charity. There are a few athletes in his class for initiating charitable endeavors. Woods and his late father Earl had the idea of creation of Tiger Woods Foundation in the year 1996. This was a foundation for providing grants and scholarships to benefit the young growing minds. The venture has non-profitable bearing of the golfer’s name:

  • Tiger Woods Foundation in Irvine
  • Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim
  • Tiger Woods Charity Event Corporation

The net assets of this foundation are soon going to touch $100 million level. The learning center has impressive structure and it serves grants and scholarships to the needy students. There is proper event management of every activity in Tiger Wood foundation and the company draws various revenues for funding the learning centers. There are some significant expenses incurred in hosting some events, but these occasions can turn on more charity funds.

Tiger Wood is a leading charity leader

Charity watchdogs give high ranking to this foundation for the reason for hosting excellent events. Tiger Woods Charity Event Corporation spends around $32.7 million with different tournaments. The Tiger Woods Learning Center gives main focus to the foundation of children. for further details, visit : http://www.seattletimes.com/life/lifestyle/watchdogging-the-charity-watchdogs/

Woods logs up to 15 days in a year for making appearances at foundation events. He also devotes time in telephonic conversations and board meetings. There is combined $10.85 million of money to the foundations. Tiger has visionary for the center and it is involved in knowing the educational program and approving it. He gets all the information about the educational programs and approves it. The foundation is dependent on the ability to pick the clubs and rebuild the Tiger brand.

The charitable endeavors will be successful with the existing course of action. The events have been successful and have projections to get better.

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